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Born in 1973 in Venlo, the Netherlands. 

As a daughter of an architect and born in an artistic family, Sybille sees herself as a genetic mix of applied & free art. These talents got further developed during her study Textile, Product & Graphic design at the Fontys Hogeschool (Art Academy) graduated in 2000.

During her job as a product designer 2001-2008 at Quasar she gained a lot of knowledge on materials, design and manufacturing. 


Since 2008 working as a freelance designer as Studio Sybille. She is able to mix all these influences into one concrete concept.

Either it's a product, art-work, interior, creative concept or even an event.

Selected highlights:

Tulip light for QUASAR

Annemoon light for QUASAR

Melody light for QUASAR

Several conceptual & design projects local government. 

Concept & design for Brabant & National Heritage

Art director Quasar 

Interior design Primary School

Interior design restaurant


if you ask me


if you let me 


if you make me to 

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